Aston Martin – “Most expensive employee” Vettel doing a great job

Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

Wednesday 21 July 2021 09:30 – Updated: 09:32

Lawrence Stroll has revealed Sebastian Vettel is Aston Martin’s highest-paid employee and believes the former F1 champion is doing “a great job” for the team.

Vettel made the switch to Aston Martin ahead of the current campaign and despite a slow start with no points in his first four races, he has since elevated himself to 10th, and with a podium in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

“Is he our most expensive employee? Yes,” revealed Stroll. “How do I rate his season so far? I think he started slow, and is currently up to speed.

“The slow start also had to do with the troubles we encountered in testing, where we had very, very little [time], first of all, only three days I think it was we had, and [he had] a day-and-a-half of the three days.

“We had all kinds of glitches with the car, so a lack of running time. So yes, he’s the most expensive, but I think he’s doing a great job.”

Stroll has done “an extraordinary job

Stroll’s son Lance has equalled Vettel’s form so far and despite lying 12 points adrift of his team-mate, the Canadian has actually scored points in more individual races than the four-time champion.

“I think Lance has done an extraordinary job – he is all of 22 years of age – with his performances on pole and several podiums,” insisted Stroll Sr.

“He is competing this year with Sebastian. I think they are probably about even, so I don’t have any concerns or feelings that Lance has a lack of performance.

“As he grows he will get more experience, and as he gets more experience, like anyone Lance’s age, he will get stronger. It’s not exclusive to him.

“So I have absolutely no concerns.”