Rock Paper Stories is Fun for the Entire Family

Rock Paper Stories is an exciting and innovative storybook platform designed to entertain all generations of the family. Choose between distinct themes and set out customizing the story so you can bring dreams to life. Perfect as a gift for all ages, or even as something special for yourself. 

Become the Hero of your own Story

Rock Paper Scissors puts you at the center of your own special narrative. Customize the name, appearances, and certain aspects of the story to make it a unique tale that you can personally relate to. There really is no better unique and original book out there. 

Be a Sporting Hero on your own Terms

Whether you’re a fan of motor car racing or tennis, you can become a champion in your own right. Realize your dreams and win one of the most famous tennis competitions in the world, or customize a special F1 motorcar and read along as you drive yourself to victory! Rock Paper Stories is working hard on adding more unique and special story themes to its website, so make sure you check back regularly.

Rock Paper Stories has Something for All Ages

You’ll be just as excited as your kids to see yourself in your very own story. Rock Paper Stories is a magical formula that appeals to all ages. It’s not just a Christmas or Birthday present for the children, it’s also a great idea for Father’s Day too! There’s no end of ideal recipients for this truly unique gift. 

Rock Paper Stories Makes it Easy

Ordering your very own customized storybook couldn’t be easier. Simply log on to the website, pick your theme, and fill in some key details. Leave the hard work to Rock Paper Stories! It takes just 4 simple steps and your own personal story will be on its way to you in no time. So what are you waiting for? Become the star of your own book today!