Schedule for of pre-race 'anti-racism gesture' revealed

Following criticism of the drivers’ anti-racism gesture ahead of the Styrian and Hungarian Grands Prix, F1 and the FIA have announced an official schedule for the gesture ahead of today’s British Grand Prix.

The FIA, Formula 1, Teams and Drivers stand united as a sport in the fight to end racism and fully support equality, inclusivity and equal opportunity for all. The FIA supports any form of individual expression in accordance with the fundamental principles of its Statutes, and as a mark of respect each driver, as an individual, may choose to mark this moment with their own gesture.

The procedure outlined for the pre-race activities are detailed below together with the associated timings:

13.52.30 At sound of a beep on PA system each Driver wearing their black coloured ‘end racism’ t-shirts will walk to the carpet runner, with the ‘end racism’ banner placed across the width of the track, and stand by their name card.

At this stage the VT of driver pledges will be playing on the International feed whilst Drivers get organised and into position.

13.53:00 International Feed goes live to drivers organised in position on the carpet runner.

13.53:03 Circuit audio: ‘Formula 1 and the FIA will take this moment, in recognition of the importance of equality and equal opportunity for all’.

At end of circuit audio driver can choose their gesture of support. As suggestions these gestures could include;

• taking the knee
• standing on carpet with arms crossed in front or behind them
• standing on carpet and bow head
• standing on carpet and pointing to the words ‘end racism’ on their t-shirts
• standing on carpet and place their hand on the heart
• anything else a driver may feel comfortable to do

13.53:30 This moment will be concluded with the audio ‘Thank you for this statement of support to end racism in the world’, and drivers move to their name card position for National Anthem

13.54:00 National Anthem of the United Kingdom will commence.

13.56:00 ‘THANK YOU NHS’ Spitfire Flyover for 2 minutes.

13.57:00 An audio announcement to indicate the start of clapping moment for NHS. (on the grid, in team garages, paddock, personnel and marshals around the circuit)

13.58:00 An audio announcement to indicate the end of clapping moment for NHS.

The FIA, F1 and F1 Teams Communication Directors will continue to manage the media expectations on how this gesture will be marked, and that each driver is united in the call to end racism and will choose their own gesture at the determined time to mark this.

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