Vettel: Double-headers will witness tighter margins

Just days away from the season opener, Sebastian Vettel has said that he expects the margin for errors at the forthcoming double headers at the Red Bull Ring and Silverstone will be smaller than usual.

Two races at the same venue just days apart has left F1 bosses understandably concerned that both events could produce similar results.

Their efforts to introduce a qualifying race to decide the (reverse) grid for the second event thwarted, there will be no discernible differences between the two races in Austria while at Silverstone the tyre compounds available for the 70th Anniversary race will be a step harder than those for the British Grand Prix seven days earlier.

Nonetheless, having learned their mistakes – and strengths – at the first event, Vettel believes the double-headers will witness tighter margins than usual.

“I have no experience heading back to the same track just a week after and having a second race,” says the German, “but I’ve been around for a while.

“I guess the level of perfection will be even higher the second weekend,” he adds, “the level of errors will be even smaller.

“I think there will be a chance to look at the race in particular, review the strategy and we get another chance just seven days after, so that’s a first, and we’ll see how we tackle that challenge.”

Asked about the absence of fans in the grandstands, he said: “I’ve never done it. I can’t really imagine how it will be.

“I think it’s good to race. It’s good to get going,” he added, “but if I could choose, obviously I would race with fans.”