F1 bids ta-ta to Tata

Tata Communications has ended its partnership with Formula One after 8 years.

The first sign that there was a potential issue came on Wednesday, when the Tata logo went missing from the official F1 website.

Though neither Tata nor Formula One Management has issued a formal statement, Amit Sinha Roy, vice president of marketing, told Reuters that the deal ended on 31 December.

“Tata wanted to explore other platforms that will allow us to showcase the full power of our digital services to our key customers,” he said.

“Our eight-year F1 journey, spanning 150+ races, was all about driving innovation in the sport,” he added. “As we had achieved what we set out to do, we feel it’s the right time for us to conclude this marketing partnership.”

The company, which was F1’s ‘official connectivity partner’, stresses that it is still committed to its relationships with broadcasters such as Sky, and will continue “behind the scenes for now” with other F1 partners and customers.

Those F1 partners included Mercedes and Williams, both of whom have dropped the Tata logo from their websites also.

Tata, which was originally brought on board by Bernie Ecclestone, was mainly involved in the sport’s digital transformation of recent years, and among users has borne much of the blame for the various issues that have affected F1’s streaming service and its timing app.