Wolff responds to Ferrari move

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team manager, responded (with a smile) to rumours sending him to Ferrari at the end of his contract in 2020.

Just like Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff, the boss of the Mercedes team, will be at the end of his contract in 2020. And if the six-time F1 champion could join the Ferrari team at that time, Toto Wolff could also follow him.

A rumour that the Mercedes boss humorously dismissed, preferring to focus on the coming season. However, Wolff did not deny this possibility by using the classic “anything is possible” trick.

“What happens will be decided in the coming months.”

“Another good plan. But I have another idea, I can go to Mars with Lewis and see if we can win something there.

“Seriously, I want to win with Mercedes in 2020, and what happens after that will be decided in the next few months,” Toto Wolff said with a smile, in remarks reported by NextGen-Auto.

Indeed on a serious note, Mark Hughes from Motorsport Magazine Hamilton’s end-of-season comments does suggest the champion is considering a switch to Ferrari for 2021, but would only go if Wolff were to come with him.

Hughes says that Hamilton appears to be hinting that he will only go to Ferrari as part of a package, along with Wolff Rather.

“Like Michael Schumacher brought with him Ross Brawn when he joined Ferrari” writes Hughes. 

But Wolff’s share holding in Mercedes would make it difficult for him to move to ‘the enemy’ – Ferrari. But perhaps if Wolff takes up the other option he might have and join the FIA or a position with Liberty Media perhaps, then this could ease Hamilton to Ferrari anyway.

Either way, Wolff appears to be key to what happens to Hamilton in 2021.