Ferrari disgust at Verstappen and his big mouth

Ferrari’s executive director, Louis Camilleri, has ruled out a future arrival of Max Verstappen in the Italian team, now or ever. 

At the last US Grand Prix, Max Verstappen beat Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in his Red Bull car and finished third on the podium at Austin. The Dutch driver subsequently suggested that possible cheating had occurred on the part of Scuderia Ferrari.

Words that have obviously still not been accepted by the Italian team, and have confirmed to them that Verstappen’s big mouth isn’t capable of remaining closed. Most likely an additional reason they’d not wish the young Dutchman to gain a drive.

“He can’t think for a moment about being with us in the future” claims Camilleri.

“These kinds of statements never get you very far for the future. Max is 22 years old so why give him credibility when we are Ferrari?

“Sometimes silence is more powerful. A driver who accuses Ferrari of cheating cannot think for a moment about being with us in the future.

“Mattia Binotto saw FIA investigators everywhere. Verstappen’s statements created all kinds of unnecessary problems within our team,” damns Louis Camilleri, Ferrari’s executive director, in comments reported by Nextgen-Auto.

Verstappen says that he feels at home at Red Bull and that he is not interested in leaving which is probably just as well considering the comments made by Ferrari.

“I’m really happy where I am at the moment, and I really want to win with Red Bull,” he told Autocar. “They brought me into Formula 1, so there was this kind of loyalty to them. I think we’re over that phase, but still I’m really happy where I am.”