Ferrari confirm search for female drivers

Ferrari are set to expand their driver academy by looking for young female stars more extensively than before, according to team principal Mattia Binotto.

Their current academy is flourishing, with Charles Leclerc winning his the first F1 races of his career in 2019 and the son of Michael Schumacher, Mick, recently being recruited to much fanfare from the media as well as Scuderia fans.

With the female-only W Series being a success this year, there has been increased interest in seeing women behind the wheel in elite series of motorsport, and Ferrari are actively looking for the next young female stars to get a head start on their competitors.

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“We are increasing the number of drivers of the Ferrari Driver Academy next year,” Binotto said at team headquarters this week.

“A few other drivers will join. I’m not in the position to tell you how many and who, but it’s something on which we are working very hard.

“The Academy also looks for women in the future — women should be part of the Ferrari Driver Academy. That’s something on which we are working right now to make sure that it may happen very soon.”

The winner of the first-ever W Series was Jamie Chadwick, who went on to sign a development contract with Williams.