Ferrari promise big engine, chassis changes for 2020

Mattia Binotto says Ferrari‘s engine will dramatically change in 2020, despite the Scuderia having developed the most potent power unit on the Formula 1 grid in 2019.

Ferrari’s straight-line advantage has been clear all season, but ramped up after a mid-season upgrade, which prompted much scrutiny from rivals Mercedes and Red Bull, as well as the FIA.

Max Verstappen went as far as to suggest that Ferrari’s advantage was a result of “cheating” – drawing a stern reaction from Binotto.

The Maranello team principal says the changes are being made in an attempt to extract even more pace out of the engine, but significant alterations are also planned to the 2020 car’s aerodynamic philosophy in an attempt to undo the key advantage held by Mercedes in 2019.

“We have changed, by quite a lot, our power unit, in terms of architecture, the cylinder,” Binotto said.

“It’s quite a big review just to show that here again, there is much that can be done.

“The change we are looking for next year is quite significant changes on the engine itself.

“Our car next year is aiming for a lot more downforce by having more downforce, certainly more drag.

“We are not expecting to be as far [ahead] on the straight as we have been. But you never know what the others are doing.

“The things that we learned, we recognise that we need to have certainly more downforce – as we saw at the end of the season, still there is a gap to close.

“So, our car is aiming for more downforce and by consequence, we are certainly working more on drag.”