Hamilton crashed Rossi’s Yamaha bike – report

Date published: December 11 2019

Wondering why there has been no news yet on Lewis Hamilton’s MotoGP ride from Monday? Reports in Italy claim that’s because he crashed the bike.

Hamilton and MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi swapped machinery at the Ricardo Tormo circuit on Monday.

As yet, though, there has been no official news about the promotional event.

However, La Repubblica is reporting that may be because Hamilton crashed Rossi’s Yamaha MotoGP bike.

The duo took to the circuit on Monday morning in a crossover event that took place behind closed doors.

Hamilton was the first to try something new as he put Rossi’s bike through its paces.

That, though, included a crash although the exact details of what happened are not known.

It was then Rossi’s turn to swap two wheels for four as he drove the Mercedes F1 car.

Neither Mercedes nor Yamaha have released any official details about the day.

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