Liberty Media warned F1 cars will be 'unstable' to drive in 2021

Racing Point technical director Andy Green has hit out at Formula 1’s regulations for 2021, saying that the aerodynamic changes will make the cars too difficult to drive.

F1’s high-downforce principles since 2017 have led to the quickest lap times in the history of the sport, but overtaking has become increasingly difficult with drivers complaining that cars are too difficult to follow due to the ‘dirty air’ being produced.

That has led F1 to pursue a new set of aerodynamic regulations for 2021 and beyond, using ‘ground effect’ and making other changes to reduce the dirty air being thrown off other cars.

While F1 has made positive noises about the impact it will have on overtaking, Green has offered a counter to that.

“I think there are areas that could do with being freed up around the front wing,” Green said.

“Around the front of the car I think it’s incredibly restrictive to the point where it’s really going to hurt the handling of the car.

“It’s going to be a real nasty piece of work to drive. I think it’s something that if they allowed a little more freedom would allow us to sort that out, but still retain the intent of the ground effect car and low following wake.

“Aerodynamically, it’s going to be quite unstable. I don’t think that’s a nice thing to have.

“You want cars that are a bit more predictable, so that drivers can attack, be sure what they’ve got underneath them, they know what’s going to happen, they can drive the car at the limit knowing that it’s stable at the limit.

“From what I see at the moment none of those statements are true for 2021.”