Schumacher eyes F1 seat and 'head start' in 2021

Mick Schumacher believes he will have a “head start” over the field in Formula 1 if he can secure a seat for the 2021 season.

The son of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher debuted in Formula 2 in 2019, finishing 12th in the drivers’ championship with one win to his name in the Hungary sprint race.

A member of Ferrari‘s Driver Academy, Schumacher has previously been linked with Toro Rosso and Alfa Romeo, where Scuderia prospect Antonio Giovinazzi will drive alongside Kimi Raikkonen in 2020.

Hoping to make a greater impact on F2 in 2020, Schumacher pointed out how the feeder series using 18-inch tyres – set to be introduced in F1 the following season – could give him a key advantage.

He told “Clearly if you get the opportunity [in F1], you take it, so the opportunity hasn’t been there. That’s pretty open and clear.

“But then the next decision was to stay in F2. For me [it was] the most intelligent and most reliable decision I could take and category I could drive in.

“F2 is going to have the new tyres next year, which is going to be positive for me because that’s going to be for F1 in 2021.

“If then we manage to do the step, I would have a head start.

“Obviously it’s different but I think in a junior category it’s going to help me get more experience. Maybe also put me in a different position for next year.”