Hamilton has learned lesson from 2016 defeat – Rosberg

Nico Rosberg believes Lewis Hamilton‘s continued winning performance after sealing title glory in 2019 show the Mercedes man has earned from his 2016 defeat to Rosberg.

Seen as a key factor in Rosberg’s title triumph was victory in the last three races of the 2015 campaign, with Hamilton admitting he switched off to an extent after winning the title in the United States.

Rosberg won the opening four races of the next season and Hamilton could not close the gap enough over the rest of the season.

Hamilton once again won the championship in Austin this year, but ended the campaign in dominant fashion, winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from pole, as well as leading every lap and setting the fastest lap.

“It’s so important to end the season on a high because you go into the winter break on a high,” Rosberg said on his YouTube channel.

“You know the saying in F1, ‘You’re only as good as your last race’ so if you finish the season on a high, that’s how you do the winter break.

“You have confidence and you start the next year by hitting the ground running.

“I think Lewis has learnt his lesson there because in my time he sort of dropped the ball at the end of the season when he sealed the championship and that let me win the last three races and that gave me a springboard into the following year.

“I was full of confidence and he was on the back foot so he learned a lesson from there.

“I think he stayed on it this year all the way to the end because these races count for next year.”