Banked corner at Zandvoort to be steeper than Indianapolis

Though there remain a number of issues yet to be resolved in terms of next year’s return to the F1 calendar, work on the Zandvoort circuit in preparation for the event continues.

Though a number of drivers are sceptical about the quality of racing the seaside track will produce, organisers, keen to build on the increasing popularity of Max Verstappen are seeking to prove them wrong.

Indeed, Zandvoort CEO, Robert van Overdijk has revealed that the banked final corner will be steeper than the turns at Indianapolis.

“That corner will for sure be the most spectacular part of our renewed circuit,” he told Dutch station BNR Nieuwsradio. “The corner will be banked 32 percent, so the difference in height from the bottom of the corner to the top will be around 4.5 metres. That’s considerable.

“We are in fact making an American corner on an otherwise European circuit,” he added. “That is absolutely unique.

“The third corner of the track will be banked as well for the F1 race,” he revealed. “It will be made parabolic, so that two cars can get through the corner next to each other and more importantly at the same speed. The banking will vary between 8 and 18 percent for that purpose.”