Hamilton against new Brazil track in Rio

Lewis Hamilton does not believe a new racing circuit in Rio de Janeiro is worth the environmental damage it could cause.

A new track is being constructed on the site of the Deodoro military base, which was used as a hosting venue in the 2016 Olympic Games.

MotoGP has agreed a deal to race at the new venue, while Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro had claimed that F1 would also make the move, although organisers at Interlagos, where F1 will race this week, remain confident of keeping the race in Sao Paulo.

Hamilton is naturally a fan of Interlagos, especially having won his maiden world title at the track in 2008, but he believes the resources being put into the new circuit could be better used elsewhere.

“I’m a little old school, I love the Interlagos circuit,” he said.

“I think honestly there is a lot of money that goes into building a new circuit. We already have a historic circuit here, we don’t need to cut any more rainforest down, do any more damage.

“That money could go to better causes here, it could go to the infrastructure of the cities, there is a lot of poverty still.

“If it was my money, I would put it in a better cause. Education is super key, for example.”