THROWBACK: Verstappen, Ocon square up after Brazil crash

It’s the start of Brazilian Grand Prix race week, and memories of last year’s race at Interlagos are flooding back already.

Having on in Mexico the race before, Max Verstappen was again cruising to victory when he encountered the back-marking Esteban Ocon looking to unlap himself.

Thinking the Racing Point driver would not be so bold as to try an overtake into Turn 2, Verstappen kept his normal line. But he was wrong.

Contact spun both cars, allowing Lewis Hamilton through to assume first place, as Verstappen had to settle for second, having seen a chance at back-to-back wins in F1 for the first time go up in smoke.

“What an idiot!” was Verstappen’s initial reaction over the radio, but he had hardly cooled post-race, seeking out Ocon in the weigh room and shoving the Frenchman after an exchange of harsh words, which continued in the press conference as the Dutchman labelled his rival a “pussy”.

The incident sent F1 into near meltdown, so get the popcorn out and enjoy it all over again!