Ricciardo wants slower F1 cars in 2021

Daniel Ricciardo says slower cars is the right price to pay if Formula 1 can produce closer racing from 2021 and beyond.

With Liberty Media’s regulation overhaul now public, it has been estimated that cars will be three seconds per lap slower than current machinery, essentially removing the extra pace that was found with a change of regulation in 2017.

However, it is hoped that reducing downforce will allow cars to follow closer on-track, and promote more overtaking, something that Ricciardo is more than happy to see.

The Australian highlighted the excitement he felt watching go-karts as proof that top-line speed should not be the focus.

He said: “I don’t care, I don’t mind, one of the most fun years I had in F1 was 2014, and the cars then were eight seconds slower than now. As long as we are racing close and hard.

“During our meeting [at the United States GP] the FOM coverage was filming the go-karters at the kart track, and there was some battling and I was just getting excited watching them going 30 mph. Anything that is going to be close is exciting.

“I’d rather have good racing than single-file lap records. Then we might as well do time trials for the rest of our careers. So I’m OK with three seconds slower.

“Ideally, we’d keep going the same pace or even faster but have overtaking, we do want to go fast, don’t get me wrong, but if we do have to choose then I’d take slower lap times with good racing than faster times with no race. 2016 was all right, it was not as slow as 2014.”