Hamilton's success easier than others, but deserved – Norris

Lando Norris pointed out how Lewis Hamilton‘s title successes have come “easier” than for others, but says the Mercedes star deserves credit for making is own luck.

Hamilton secured his sixth world title at the United States Grand Prix, with only Schumacher ahead of him in that regard in in terms of F1 race wins.

McLaren rookie Norris was quick to tribute a driver he has been a fan of since childhood, but pointed out the differences in Hamilton’s start to life in F1 at the Woking squad and his own in 2019.

Norris said: “He was always a guy that I watched when I was young, since I was six or seven years old. I watched and supported McLaren, and Lewis was driving for them.

“He’s one of the guys that I’ve looked up to ever since, and I’m very happy for him. He’s the second-ever driver to get to six, only Schumacher has done better so I think he’s proved how good of a driver he is, one of the best ever.

“I’m not being negative about it but in a way, some things have been easier than other championships.

“Other championships are single-make, you have team differences where you change the set-up about the driver and everything, in F1 there is much bigger differences.

“He’s done extremely well, I think he’s beaten his teammate every year he’s been in Formula 1 apart from one. So he’s proven in that sense.

“But then again, things have been easier than in other categories. He joined McLaren and almost won in his first season. No chance for me to win in my first season.

“He’s always put himself in the right position with the teams and everything, that’s allowed him to get to six world championships.”