Ferrari highlight major flaw in F1's 2021 regulations

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri has called for engine costs to be included in Formula 1s budget cap, which is due to be introduced into the sport from 2021 and beyond.

Teams will be limited to spending $175million on “performance-related costs” – with several outlays including driver salaries not included.

Some teams have suggested that drivers will end up with soaring salaries as a result, but Camilleri says the engine is a key focus, despite Ferrari’s current strength in F1’s power stakes.

The Scuderia could have vetoed the regulations, but Camilleri says the Maranello outfit are not necessarily impressed with the rulebook, despite voting it through.

“I think what was announced over the weekend is really the beginning of the process,” Camilleri said. “It’s not even the end of the beginning.

“There’s still quite a lot of work to do together with Formula 1 and the FIA as well as the teams. We’ve voted in favour of it. And we haven’t exercise our veto, right.

“Yes, we voted in favour of the regulations and we did not exercise our right to veto. All in all we are sort of satisfied with the direction it’s taking and the principles, but clearly a lot of details still need to be ironed out.

“The budget cap relates to only certain elements of the actual car. The best example is that the engine is not part of the budget cap.

“Going forward our hope is that there will eventually be a budget cap placed on the engine itself.”