Miami Commission puts roadblock in front of F1's grand prix plans

Miami-Dade County Commission has begun the process to potentially block Formula 1’s renewed plans to launch a Miami Grand Prix from 2021.

F1 recently announced that a deal had been agreed in principle to host a race at the Hard Rock Stadium, home of the city’s NFL franchise and owned by the race’s chief promoter Stephen Ross.

A plan to stage a race through downtown Miami was scrapped due to overwhelming public opposition, and the new plans have also drawn criticism from Miami Gardens residents and local politicians.

At a Commission hearing on Tuesday, a resolution was passed that would give local authorities more power to prevent the road closures that would be necessary to host the event.

Local officials cannot technically stop the race from taking place, as it is due to he held on land owned by Ross.

However, the plans now face many hurdles in order to come to fruition, with local residents also given the chance for a public hearing to oppose a race being held if they wish, which would trigger a potentially lengthy appeals process.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez can veto the two measures, and has suggested he would do so, according to the Miami Herald saying: “Nobody is going to be 100 percent happy, but we need to come to a middle ground.”

However, the strength of Miami Gardens residents’ opposition is clear and the local mayor Oliver G. Gilbert III said: “This has to be a good place to live, and not just visit. The people who live here matter and sometimes we forget that.”