VIDEO: Why Max Verstappen lost Mexican GP pole

Max Verstappen was stripped of pole position at the Mexican Grand Prix, after failing to slow down as yellow flags were waved in the aftermath of Valtteri Bottas crashing.

The stewards report said evidence “clearly showed that the driver [Verstappen] attempted to set a meaningful lap time and failed to reduce his speed”.

Asked about the incident after the session, Verstappen openly admitted he did not slow down and was aware that Bottas had gone off the track.

Verstappen had argued that he had not seen where Bottas’ car had come to rest and did not notice yellow flags being waved. Reports have claimed that Bottas’ crash destroyed equipment at the marshalling post that would have sent a warning to Verstappen’s dashboard.

However the FIA report read: “The Stewards noted from the on board images of Car 33, that the waved yellow flag was clearly visible and was shown with enough notice. The previous driver (Car 5) reduced the speed significantly as per the regulations.”

Check out those on-board images below, which shows Verstappen did pass yellow flags, although his eyeline may have been directed at the apex of the corner at the time.