Winning car to join driver on Mexico podium

Since its return to the calendar the Mexican race has been notable for its spectacular podium ceremonies, held in the stadium section rather than on the pit straight as is the case at other venues.

In co-operation with the F1 organisation for this race a hidden elevating platform has been built in front of the podium. The plan is that while the top three drivers are being interviewed on the track the winning car will be pushed behind the concrete wall onto a ramp that leads onto the platform.

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The podium ceremony will begin as usual, with the third placed and second placed drivers emerging from behind the podium. Then to the accompaniment of the F1 theme tune the winning car and driver will rise up in the lift.

The lift has already been tested with a borrowed Williams, with a mechanic standing in for the driver.

A rising platform system was used for the later US GP events at Indianapolis, although the car was not accompanied by its driver and the open platform stopped between ground level and the podium.

Podium ramp

Photo by: Adam Cooper