FIA plans to abandon Formula 1's Q2 start tyre rule

The rule was originally intended to mix things up in the race on the assumption that the top 10 would start on a softer and less durable tyre than those behind.

That has largely been negated because the top three teams have enjoyed such an advantage over the rest of the field that some or even all of them have routinely been able to make Q3 on a harder tyre.

The rule has been dropped in the latest draft set of 2020 FIA sporting regulations issues to teams.

However, because the deadline for changes passed on April 30 it will have to receive unanimous support, and it’s understood that at least one team has indicated its opposition.

In another change planned for 2020 that has yet to gain approval, the FIA wants to restrict practice starts over race weekends in order to create an element of randomness for the actual race starts.

Drivers will no longer be allowed to do practice starts at will at the pit exit. The plan is to allow them only on the grid at the end of FP1 and FP3 – a system that is already used at tracks such as Monaco, where it’s not possible to do starts at the pit exit.