Vettel: Ferrari's weakness on Mexico circuit

Sebastian Vettel enters the Mexican Grand Prix with caution over Ferrari‘s chances, despite both Red Bull and Mercedes expecting them to be favourites once again.

Successful upgrades have helped Ferrari take pole position in all five races since the summer break, although victories have not followed in the last two races in Russia and Japan.

With a pit straight that runs for over a kilometre (only Baku’s is longer on the F1 calendar) Ferrari’s speed advantage is expected to come to the fore once again.

However, the altitude of Mexico City often levels out the performance of power units, and Red Bull’s high-downforce capabilities has proved the winning ticket the past two years in Mexico City.

And with Ferrari having struggled to get the power down in the corners all year long – until Vettel’s win in Singapore recently – the German remains wary.

Assessing Ferrari’s chances in Mexico, Vettel said: “It’s so-so. Obviously people look at the track and they look at the straight-line. We’ve been strong on the straight-lines but there’s also a couple of corners, plus here, it’s not one of the tracks where efficiency matters too much.

“I think we do have quite an efficient car, so maybe we can’t use that to our advantage. We’ll see how we manage around the cornering sections.

“These type of corners have been our weaknesses, so we’ll see.

“Hopefully we can make it happen, if not then we’ll come back again next year. I can’t predict what’s going to happen, but I feel confident.

“We have a strong package, that [the pit straight] is part of the track that should be in our favour, other parts should be more difficult. But we’ll see how it works out.”