What F1 drivers did on cancelled Saturday in Suzuka

Formula 1 drivers are certainly not used to having much free time during a race weekend so it was no surprise to see they had very different approaches to the cancelled Saturday at the Japanese Grand Prix.

World champion Lewis Hamilton had some interesting thoughts on what he could do with a spare 24 hours.

“There’s a place about three hours away called the cove, where they are slaughtering all the dolphins and I’m tempted to go and do that. I’ve got nothing else to do and it would be great to really put the spotlight on that but it depends, I don’t know how long it would take me to get there. That’s obviously not a great part of their heritage here or their culture. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful place.”

Max Verstappen invited a bunch of drivers round for a FIFA tournament. How about that caption!

Lando Norris went bowling. Well… kind of.

Romain Grosjean went very old school, finding a model Tyrrell P34 to build.

Mercedes had their own ideas.

Daniel Ricciardo decided to go singin’ in the rain