Why McLaren can benefit from 2021 regulations

Andreas Seidl says McLaren will benefit from the engine regulations written into Formula 1’s new rule book to be introduced in 2021.

While vast changes will be made to the aerodynamic surfaces on car in two seasons’ time, proposed changes to the engine formula were voted down by F1’s teams.

McLaren will switch from Renault power units to Mercedes in 2021, reuniting with the Silver Arrows after seven years away with Honda and the French manufacturer.

With Ferrari having overtaken the previously dominant Mercedes in terms of power and Renault and Honda closing the gap further, Seidl hopes McLaren can benefit if a certain engine does not provide a distinct advantage over the others.

“Mercedes being clearly the benchmark in this hybrid era, in terms of powertrain, was one of the main reasons we wanted to make this decision,” Seidl said.

“Mercedes as a team, with this power unit, is clearly the benchmark in F1 nowadays.

“The best thing is to have the same powertrain as the best team in the paddock at the moment. Then there’s nowhere to hide for us.

“With the regulations staying the same on the power unit side there is convergence between the manufacturers.

“We see already they are all quite close together, which is good for us as an independent team, not having our own engine.

“But I think with everything Mercedes has shown in the last five or six years, in terms of commitment, in terms of quality, reliability, we are convinced it’s definitely the right way to go for us from 2021 onwards.”