Vettel & co talk about the new Formula 1 era for 2021

Recently, Romain Grosjean and Sebastian Vettel presented the Driver Association’s (GPDA) plan for better racing in F1 during a meeting with Formula 1 management and the FIA.

Grosjean is optimistic after the meeting with the officials and is looking forward to the new Formula 1 from the 2021 season.

“It is important that the drivers are involved in the process,” says the Haas driver. “We have worked out four clear points where we want to go. We’re doing everything we can to make Formula 1 better.” The drivers’ four demands are better tyres, less sensitive aerodynamics, lighter cars and a better balance of power.

In addition, the drivers hope that the teams will be able to refuel again. Grosjean says: “We don’t want it just to offer better racing. It would be a temporary solution to reduce the weight of the cars. So the cars could be 60 kilograms lighter at the start, which helps not to overheat the tyres. The tyres are ultimately the big weak point.”

In the future Grosjean hopes that the weight of the cars will decrease again. With the standard parts like the new 18 inch rims, a standard braking system and other changes, the trend is towards heavier cars, which Grosjean does not welcome.

However, the Haas driver sees hope: “If these four points we have brought in are clarified, it will be damn good.” The Frenchman also praises the cooperation with FIA President Jean Todt, who supports the meetings.

At Hockenheim Formula 1 was more exciting than it has been for a long time. But the reason for this was the difficult weather conditions. Vettel puts the action into perspective: “Our task should be to get the field closer together in the dry, under normal conditions. The goal must be to offer better sport.”

The German has a clear line: “We should be able to fight each other longer and harder in the race. That’s the goal for the future. There are key elements that are geared to this. That’s what we should concentrate on. Otherwise we won’t have to change anything seriously just because we want to change something. The DNA of Formula 1 is great.”

Vettel draws a comparison with football: “It’s the same DNA as 50 years ago. That doesn’t have to change. You don’t change the size of the goal or the number of strikers in football just because there used to be a less entertaining match. The format, as it is, is correct. There are some big issues that we need to correct that really have an impact.”