F1 boss reckons there is 'no downside' to adding races to calendar

Guenther Steiner believes there is “no downside” to Formula 1 adding more races on to the calendar for 2020 and beyond.

The Netherlands and Vietnam are already confirmed locations included in next year’s schedule, and with all the current races apart from Germany set to stay, too, the calendar is already going to expand, with more races potentially to follow.

Critics of an expanded calendar point to the extra toil on drivers, engineers, and cars, as well as the increased traveling around the globe, but Steiner isn’t too concerned about the locations tallying up.

“I don’t think there’s a big upside, but at least there is no downside,” said the Haas team principal.

“So long there is no financial downside, yes we make the effort. I am okay with it.

“But we need to find out and we need to keep it to three engines. If you introduce a fourth engine, it doesn’t make sense for us financially.

“If they are confident we can do it with three engines, then I am fine with it. I don’t know the date exactly.”

Steiner is pleased that the sport has become more entertaining over the last couple of months, especially after the dull French Grand Prix, but is eager to ensure the number of exciting races rises by continuing to campaign for a budget cap.

“I think the bigger picture is four good ones but we want 21 or 22 good ones,” he continued.

“That’s what I’d be trying to focus on, to have them all good and then work towards it.

“Not because we had four good ones we calm down and say ‘it’s good now’ and then we come up and say ‘oh it’s bad, what do we do now’ and just be up and down reactive. We need to keep the big picture and for me, the big picture is the budget cap, which is coming.”