Honda preparation 'so much better' than Renault's – Verstappen

Max Verstappen has provided an insight to the contrasting workings of previous Red Bull engine provider Renault, and now Honda, who have powered the team to two wins so far in 2019.

After the 2018 season, the decision was made by Red Bull to ditch Renault as their power unit partner in favour of Honda. The new relationship has been praised by both parties, with the Bulls improving with every race, with Verstappen winning in Austria and Germany.

The Dutchman thinks that the performance of Honda so far has allowed Red Bull to pay attention to their own development more – something which was difficult to do last year with Renault.

“Yes we did have mechanical failures from the car and not the power unit last year, but they also came because we never had the reliability to test up to the limit,” said Verstappen.

“Honda is spending so much time on the dyno and then we also find out our limits from the parts on the car, so we never had that before.

“You never had an idea if your car was strong enough or not and you only found that out from retiring, so the whole preparation before you get into a season is so much better.

“The car and the power unit are very reliable.”

Verstappen insists that transparency is one of they key factors to the success of the Red Bull-Honda relationship so far.

“Everything is open, we fully work together and we try to help them, they try to help us in how to do things better, so we are fully committed to each other,” he added.

“They are winners, we are winners, we all want to win together, so we want to always get the best out of it.”