Vettel: Chaotic recent races haven't solved F1's problems

Sebastian Vettel has urged Formula 1 decision-makers not to be influenced too much by the recent batch of entertaining races, as there still needs to be changes made in order to improve the sport for 2021.

After the borefest that was the French Grand Prix, F1 rebounded with superb races in Austria, Britain, Germany, and Hungary. At Hockenheim, the huge rainfall was the biggest contributing factor to the entertainment as drivers slid and slided everywhere on the slick surface.

As that was a rare occurrence, Vettel reckons Liberty Media shouldn’t take their eye off the ball and has asked that plans be in place to make dry racing as entertaining as wet, as they continue to develop new regulations for 2021.

“Wet races always create chaos and chaos is something that can be very entertaining, we know that and we’ve seen it many times,” said the German.

“I think the job to do is make sure we string the field together more in dry conditions, when we have normal races, in order to put on a better sport and for us to be able to race each other harder and longer throughout the race.

“That’s the objective for the future.

“I think there’s key elements contributing to that and that’s what we should focus on and everything else, I don’t think we need to change everything upside down just for the sake of changing. The DNA of the sport is great, it’s the same DNA as 50 years ago.”

Vettel does not want widespread changes, and compares making huge alterations to changing the size of the goals or how many players a team is allowed in football.

“I don’t think you change football the size of the goal or number of strikers just because one match has been less entertaining, so I think keeping the rules, or the format, as it is the right way to go and there’s some big things we need to correct in order to have the right impact,” he suggested.