Alonso: If I want to come back to F1, you'll know

Fernando Alonso says if he has any intention to return to Formula 1, then fans and the media will hear about it right away.

The two-time world champion left F1 after a 17-year career at the end of last season in order to pursue success in other motorsport disciplines. However, within the sport’s ‘silly season’ where speculation mounts as to potential driver changes, he has been linked with a return – to basically every top team.

The Spaniard admits he is surprised the rumours have grown momentum.

“I’ve been a little surprised by how many people have talked about it recently,” Alonso said during an online chat with Spanish media.

“I had the best first half of the season possible. I won a world championship, Daytona, Sebring, Le Mans. If one day I want to come back, you will know it.”

Alonso is alleged to be a slightly prickly character within F1, but he insists that his loyalty to his teams suggests the opposite.

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“It’s always the opposite message that people who worked with me gave, but maybe I didn’t sell that message well,” he suggested.

“I give everything for any team I drive for, every lap, every day. The best proof is that I drove for Renault and came back to them; I drove for McLaren and came back to them.”

Alonso’s last team in F1 was McLaren in an ill-fated spell, for whom he remains a brand ambassador.