Hamilton calls out double standard over 'Britishness' doubts

Lewis Hamilton criticised double standards over criticism that his decision to live in Monaco detracts from his contribution to British sport.

Hamilton has not held permanent residence in the UK since his rookie F1 season, having first moved to Switzerland and then on to Monte Carlo in 2012.

Many of the drivers on the F1 grid also live in Monaco, attracted to the lavish lifestyle on offer and generous tax breaks, and Hamilton believes not many would have to answer questions over their decision to live there, as he had to after qualifying second for the British GP.

“It’s crazy because every driver… migrated to Monaco and no-one ever said anything about it at the time, of course then when I did it, they had something to say about it,” Hamilton said.

“No matter how often you go abroad or elsewhere in the world, you come back to the UK and see the beautiful countryside and see the history of Formula 1 and motorsport which is really here, and I see all my family who are also here and this feels like where my heart is and ultimately [I feel] fully British.

“People have their right to their own opinion but if you look around there’s a lot of Team LH caps, the support I’ve had has been incredible over the years.”

Hamilton is the most successful British driver in F1’s history and only Michael Schumacher outstrips him statistically across many fields. The five-time world champion accepted that may not be enough, however.

He added: “While there are always people who will have a negative view on things, I feel like every day is an opportunity to try and turn those who have a negative view on things.

“I guess maybe over time I’ll hopefully do more and more positive things for the country.

“I go to all these races and lift the British flag proudly. There’s no-one else in this sport that’s raised it so high.

“For now maybe I’ve not done enough, I’ll keep looking out for what else I can do. For those who do follow me, I do really appreciate their support.”