Silverstone changes made to stop drivers running wide

Changes have been made to the Silverstone Circuit ahead of the British Grand Prix in an attempt to curb drivers’ abusing track limits.

The entire track has been resurfaced for a second straight year, although that is more in connection with MotoGP, to flatten out more bumps.

Adding greater peril to drivers in this weekend’s event, however, is the introduction of gravel traps and remodelling of certain corners.

The trap at Turn 7 has been brought closer to the kerb to stop drivers from venturing too far wide, while concrete run off at Turns 11 and 12 – the rapid Maggotts-Becketts complex – will also punish anyone who gets it wrong.

Extra kerbing at the final corner will also stop drivers from taking too much speed into the home straight, while the controversial DRS zone through the first two corners has also been removed.