Hamilton blanks attention-seeking Verstappen claim from Horner

Lewis Hamilton shrugged off a suggestion made by Red Bull boss Christian Horner that Max Verstappen is outperforming him currently, claiming it may have been attention seeking on Horner’s part.

Horner said Verstappen’s performance over the past year, in F1’s third-fastest car, had surpassed anybody on the grid, with the Dutchman picking up fine wins in Austria (twice) and Mexico in that time.

Hamilton was typically unmoved when the claim was put to him ahead of the British Grand Prix, however.

“I don’t compare myself to anybody, I don’t need to,” said Hamilton.

“I don’t really have an answer to his claims. Ultimately every now and then somebody needs certain attention…

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“I think Max has been doing a great job and he’s really, really exciting to watch.

“I think the last race was really fantastic. It’ll be interesting to see how they do moving forwards.”

Hamilton faced the media at Silverstone flanked by British rookies Lando Norris and George Russell, who have had distinctly different starts to life at a resurgent McLaren and struggling Williams respectively, and was asked what words of wisdom he would impart on them.

“I don’t think I need to give them any advice,” said Hamilton. “They’ve obviously come through similar ranks to myself and are doing an exceptional job.

“Both have completely different challenges. George is in a team that have struggled for some time but is a part of helping them take steps to improve. I’m a huge fan of Frank [Williams] and what they’ve achieved in their history. I think that’s a team that needs to be up at the top with the rest of them.

“It’s amazing to see McLaren doing so well, they’ve had some really tough years as well. Just watching Lando’s progression. It’s incredibly impressive to be so young and such an early phase he’s coming in, and keeping a level head and delivering on weekends, up against a driver who’s got more experience than him.”