FIA rules on scary Ricciardo-Raikkonen incident

Daniel Ricciardo escaped punishment after moving slowly on the racing line during qualifying for the French Grand Prix and forcing Kimi Raikkonen to take evasive action at high speeds, with the Alfa Romeo man slipping off the track and also impacting Romain Grosjean.

The moment did not prevent any of the drivers getting out of Q1, when the incident happened, with Ricciardo going on to qualify eighth at Paul Ricard.

However, he had to face the stewards afterwards, having got in Raikkonen’s way as the Alfa driver wound up a quick lap.

Grosjean also had to abort a flying lap as Raikkonen rejoined the track just as the Haas man approached, although the Finn followed the correct protocol after going off-track.

Of Ricciardo’s action, the stewards reported: “Both drivers agreed that had Ricciardo taken any other line it would probably have affected Raikkonen in any case and both agreed that given the location on the track that the cars approached each other, no other reasonable action could have mitigated the circumstances.

“Therefore, the stewards find that Ricciardo did not ‘unnecessarily impede’.”

Check out the incident how it played out below.