Verstappen: If you just want faster racing, put a robot in the car

Max Verstappen has provided an opinion on the current state of the Formula 1 product and any potential rule changes which could happen in 2021, following the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday which saw Sebastian Vettel stripped of his win due to a five-second penalty given by the stewards.

As Vettel and Lewis Hamilton were battling for the win in Montreal, the German’s wheel locked up, sending him off the track. In his attempts to regain his line, he cut across the path of Hamilton, which resulted in the penalty.

Ferrari, and Vettel in particular, were furious about the decision, while it has polarised F1 figures and fans alike, with some calling for the rules to be changed.

Looking at the overall product, Verstappen says that the opinion of the drivers doesn’t matter that much as it is always higher-ups to decide on regulations.

He does, however, mention that robots may as well replace drivers if all everyone is looking for is faster racing.

“Of course everyone speaks for themselves,” he told De Telegraaf.

Mercedes want very little to change, but a team behind them wants different regulations. Then the customer teams are factored in. There is so much politics involved.

“We have nothing to say about it. It’s always been political and up to the big bosses. We can try to indicate what we want, like a few years ago when the cars were too slow and had not enough grip.

“Then we went to these wider cars with more downforce, but now we lose more time when we are behind someone.

“We are doing track records everywhere we go, but I don’t think that’s what it’s all about. If you just want faster and faster, you might as well put a robot in it. It must be fun for the fan.”

After seven races in the 2019 season, Verstappen is fourth in the drivers’ championship, having recorded two podium spots so far.