Steiner: Ban F1 stars from going to the gym!

Haas boss Guenther Steiner has joked that Formula 1 drivers should be banned from going to the gym so that their fitness levels won’t make it as easy to make it through modern races, as he responds to Lewis Hamilton’s suggestion that drivers aren’t physically tested enough anymore.

Hamilton recently claimed that the physical demands have declined so much in recent years, that he could comfortably perform in two races in a row.

Toro Rosso’s Franz Tost reckons this is down to the fitness levels being higher than ever before.

“In my opinion, the current level of the drivers from the fitness side is the highest I’ve ever seen in Formula One,” he told Montreal radio station 98.5 FM.

“You must not forget that we now have drivers who started motor sport when they were six or seven years old.”

Steiner facetiously suggested that the drivers should stop working out as much, before suggesting that the preparation of the teams and the drivers is another reason for the physicaility diminishing.

“Or we could ban the drivers from going to the fitness studios as Franz said, so they will be tired at the end of the race. It would be a lot cheaper. And to eat fast foods all the time!” The Haas team principal joked.

“No, without joking, I think Franz explained it very well: the fitness level is just so high and the cars are so sophisticated so it’s just getting better and it’s evolution.

“It isn’t that they are easy to drive, we are just so well prepared – they are so well prepared altogether. That is why they now complain about it.”