F1 TV offering compensation again after Baku meltdown

F1 TV Pro, Formula 1’s streaming service, is once again facing the ire of users, with compensation offered after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend saw the service suffer outages in both the qualifying and the race, with those affected quick to express their anger.

The service streams live coverage of races in countries around the world, and costs as much as $79.99 a year in the US. This large-scale streaming has seen it suffer problems, and these problems once again hit the service during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

As the stream failed to load, angry fans flocked to Twitter to express their disgust over the lack of coverage, whilst F1TV was refreshingly candid on the matter – explaining that a “a proportion of subscriptions” would be refunded for the outage and explaining that the issue “affected a large number of fans”.

This wasn’t enough to satisfy most users though, who made their anger known to the platform.

This isn’t the first time F1TV has refunded users, as the service has been plagued with issues since its launch over the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix.