Norris says “I let everyone down” after failing to score | 2019 Australian Grand Prix

Lando Norris feels he let his McLaren team down after failing to score points on his F1 debut in the Australian Grand Prix.

Norris qualified eight but slipped to 12th in the race after dropping behind Antonio Giovinazzi when he made his pit stop. The Alfa Romeo driver ran a long first stint and several other drivers jumped ahead of Norris by the time he found a way past.

“It was too late,” he admitted. “It obviously cost me the positions on Kvyat and Stroll, which obviously put me out of the points in the end.

“I’m a bit annoyed because there was a lot more potential. The car had the pace to be in the top 10. Basically I let everyone down so I need to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

“The possibility was there to finish in the points today,” he added, “especially with Ricciardo and Grosjean out, two strong guys, one of them was ahead.”

Asked if he was proud of his first F1 race Norris said: “Of myself, not that much. Of the team I think I’m pretty proud.

“I had a pretty good car today. Not perfect but overall it had enough pace in it to be in the top 10.

“I just made a couple of mistakes that put be outside of it which is why I’m not as happy as what I was yesterday. Just nice to get my first race out of the way. I’d been quite nervous going in but after finishing I’m reasonably happy.”

Norris said he also lost ground at the Norris identified his start as another area where he could have improved. “My initial start was not too bad and then I got a bit too keen in the second phase and had a bit of wheelspin. Still it wasn’t too bad overall, I was just in a slightly wrong position going into turn one and turn three.”

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