Hamilton “didn’t do a good enough job” at the start | 2019 Australian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton admitted he could have made a better job of his start in the Australian Grand Prix, which cost him a victory to his team mate.

Valtteri Bottas, who started second, beat pole sitter Hamilton to the first corner and went on to win the race.

Asked what went wrong with his start in the post-race press conference Hamilton said: “I don’t really remember much of it, it was quite a long time ago already.”

“I don’t know, maybe I got wheelspin. It doesn’t really matter, Valtteri got a better start and at the first corner the good thing was we held position, we had the front row still.

“Valtteri did an exceptional job throughout the race so congratulations to him. After that it was just about bringing the car home.”

Later Hamilton added he: “Probably just too engaged with the clutch. But I don’t really know, I won’t know until I go back. But ultimately I didn’t do a good enough job.”

Hamilton pitted earlier than his team mate and during the race warned Mercedes his tyres were “wearing”. However he said afterwards he wasn’t concerned he’d need another pit stop before the end of the race.

“No not really. I wasn’t entirely happy with the balance I had. It wasn’t the end of the world. It wasn’t a problem for me to finish second.”

After the race Mercedes discovered the floor of Hamilton’s car was damaged in front of the left-rear tyre seal.

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