Perez lauds F1's “incredible job” with 2019 changes

This year’s revised front wings resulted from a joint project pursued after last year’s Australian Grand Prix by the FIA and the engineers working at the F1 organisation under Ross Brawn.

As testing has unfolded over this week and more drivers have had the chance to follow other cars, and the consensus is that the changes has been positive.

“I did a bit with [Valtteri] Bottas,” said Racing Point driver Perez when asked if he had followed other cars on Wednesday. “Certainly I feel that you lose less downforce.

“So I think so far I’d say that F1, they have done an incredible job at the moment with the rules.

“We will see in Melbourne really, what it’s like racing with other cars around you with similar pace and so on, but I really hope the show can be a lot better.”

Asked about the benefits of a bigger DRS effect, he added: “I think the delta to overtake a car should be reduced by quite a bit given you can follow more and the advantage from DRS.

“So I hope the racing can be a lot more fun for the fans and for the drivers.”

Bottas agreed that it appears to be easier to follow now.

“I’ve only been following properly maybe one lap, and behind only one car, not multiple cars,” said the Finn. “It felt a bit better, a bit easier to follow.

“You do still find the effect of losing downforce because the cars have a lot, and no matter what when you have turbulent air you lose the downforce, even though the front wings are more simple.

“I feel it’s a bit better, it just felt a bit more consistent. Like the car felt predictable still, following another car. I think that’s good. The bigger effect is maybe the cars being more draggy and more of a tow effect on the straights.

“It’s going in the right direction, it’s going to be easier to pass if you have the pace.”

Daniel Ricciardo, who says he followed Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari at one point, is less convinced than some of his rivals.

“I have been able to follow some cars but I also feel like we have been faster, whether we’ve been lower fuel, or they have been doing a race sim,” the Renault driver reported.

“So I have caught them quicker, and it is not always that representative. I think it will be a little bit better, but I am not going to say it is going to be a massive difference.

“I would like to think that there is a small gain following, but it is hard when you are doing such fast laptimes.”

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB15 and Daniel Ricciardo, Renault F1 Team R.S. 19

Photo by: Jerry Andre / Sutton Images