McLaren pulls the covers off its MCL34

By on 14 Feb 2019, 14:26

McLaren unveiled its 2019 contender during a live stream event inside the McLaren Technology Centre, under its 2019 campaign motto #FearlesslyForward.

Presentator Simon Lazenby narrated the show, with a group of McLaren staff put on the foreground and asked to make a few comments on their careers at McLaren, creating an atmosphere to move forward in 2019. Said staff also pulled off the covers from the car.

The car sports roughly the same livery as last year: papaja orange as the main color, with blue details as reference to Renault. A few changes were made to accomodate the Petrobras partner, as well as a blacked out underside of the nose cone.

Speaking of, the nosecone looks like a further evolution from last year, with it’s distinct 3 channels inside the structure. It also sports a quite elaborate front wing.

Carlos Sainz: I like the new colors, the new suits (more blue). Entering this team, it feels like home. It has been a busy winter, with meetings and simulator runs, as well as last year race reviews. It’s time to try the car and see the weak and strong points of the car. It would be a mistake to set goals at this stage of the game, just having finished and fired up the car. Everybody is excited, has put hard work in the car. We will go forward, little by little, step by step

Lando Norris: There is some pressure, I have to life up to the drivers last year. It will not have a negative effect, but a positive one. My preperations have gone well, with a very different winter as usual, with the step up in car performance from Formula 2, doing tests in the simulator. Together we will want to win many races, and work as team back to the top. Until that point, us drivers will have to work together.

Zac Brown: We are very excited. Car launches mean anticipation, excitement and appreciation for our men and women at McLaren. We had the privilege to work very hard for the excecutive committee, for our 850 headcount staff. Our medium term goals are to rebuild us to glory. James Key will work together with our existing team. Formula 1 is our first and foremost “laser” focus.

Gilles de Ferran: The feeling in the team is incredible. If I cast my mind back 6 months ago, being in the trenches, and now seeing the car, its full glory, it’s an incredible feeling. It depicts very well all of the capabilities of McLaren. We focussed a lot on our preparation for this year. The way we tackled it, is by analysing our challenges and to meet them. We will continue to do so, to focus on the job at hand.