The complete RaceFans 2018 F1 season review | 2018 F1 season review

As 2018 draws to a close, read our complete review of last year’s championship including all the driver rankings, team reports, statistics and much more.

Driver rankings

Here’s our full verdict on how all 200 drivers performed in 2018:

2018 F1 driver rankings #1: Hamilton
2018 F1 driver rankings #2: Verstappen
2018 F1 driver rankings #3: Leclerc
2018 F1 driver rankings #4: Alonso
2018 F1 driver rankings #5: Ricciardo
2018 F1 driver rankings #6: Vettel
2018 F1 driver rankings #7: Perez
2018 F1 driver rankings #8: Gasly
2018 F1 driver rankings #9: Raikkonen
2018 F1 driver rankings #10: Ocon
2018 F1 driver rankings #11: Bottas
2018 F1 driver rankings #12: Hulkenberg
2018 F1 driver rankings #13: Sainz
2018 F1 driver rankings #14: Magnussen
2018 F1 driver rankings #15: Vandoorne
2018 F1 driver rankings #16: Ericsson
2018 F1 driver rankings #17: Grosjean
2018 F1 driver rankings #18: Stroll
2018 F1 driver rankings #19: Hartley
2018 F1 driver rankings #20: Sirotkin

You can read the driver rankings for previous years, including the mid-season run-downs, here:

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Statistics and analysis

Which is the richest team? Who had the most ‘best of the rest’ wins? The key data on 2018:

Analysis: How F1 teams spent $2.2 billion in 2018
20 telling stats about each F1 driver in 2018
How close was it? 10 charts revealing F1 teams’ performance in 2018

The team mate battles

How close did Valtteri Bottas get to his world championship winning team mate? Did six drivers really deserve to leave the sport this year? Compare each driver to their only rival who had the same car:

2018 team mates battles: Hamilton vs Bottas at Mercedes
2018 team mates battles: Vettel vs Raikkonen at Ferrari
2018 team mates battles: Verstappen vs Ricciardo at Red Bull
2018 team mates battles: Hulkenberg vs Sainz at Renault
2018 team mates battles: Grosjean vs Magnussen at Haas
2018 team mates battles: Alonso vs Vandoorne at McLaren
2018 team mates battles: Perez vs Ocon at Force India
2018 team mates battles: Leclerc vs Ericsson at Sauber
2018 team mates battles: Gasly vs Hartley at Toro Rosso
2018 team mate battles: Stroll vs Sirotkin at Williams

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Team reviews

It was another year to celebrate for Mercedes while two past champions – McLaren and Williams – suffered disappointing seasons.

Vettel’s errors thwart Ferrari title hopes
Red Bull’s best hybrid era season fails to save Renault relationship
Renault narrowly wins the midfield fight
Haas make great gains but fall short of potential with fifth
McLaren discover dropping Honda was no cure-all
Force India survived, then thrived after Stroll investment
Prancing horsepower helps Sauber make a “huge step forward”
Toro Rosso’s Honda success inspires Red Bull switch
Williams was ‘participating, not competing’ in 2018

More features

Your favourite driver and race of 2018 – plus a selection of our best pictures and stories from last season.

Start spreadin’ the news: The stories RaceFans broke in 2018
2018 F1 season in pictures: The best action of the year
Raikkonen’s US GP win was RaceFans’ readers’ top race of 2018
Hamilton is RaceFans readers’ 2018 F1 Driver of the Year

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2018 F1 season review

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