F1 bosses eyeing Greater London event?

When Chase Carey and Sean Bratches insist that they see the future of Formula One comprising races in the world’s “destination cities”, the word “outskirts” is never included.

However, as they realise that a Grand Prix on the streets on central London is nigh impossible, F1 technical boss Ross Brawn reveals that a race on the outskirts of the city is being considered.

“I think because F1 is a week-long activity minimum, the disruption it would cause in the centre of London would be unacceptable,” he tells the Evening Standard.

“I don’t think Londoners really need to worry about us taking over the centre of London for a week,” he adds. “But there are things on the periphery that are being explored – not slap-bang in the centre of London but Greater London.

“London is an iconic city with a massive history in the sport and there’s huge enthusiasm here.”

As it stands, next year’s race at Silverstone is the last, with circuit owners, the British Racing Drivers’ Club, having exercised a clause which brought its 17-year contract to an early end having finally realised that it simply couldn’t afford the ever-increasing hosting fee.

Though F1’s powers-that-be insist that they want to see Silverstone remain on the calendar, in addition to being unwilling to reduce the fees – a move that other race promoters would seize on – they have made no secret of their desire to take the sport on to the streets of the capital.

Earlier this week we revealed that a high level source in British motorsport, and certainly not someone given to spurious or fictitious claims, has admitted that the BRDC is considering a deal whereby the money from ticket sales is handed direct to Formula One Management, which in turn hands the club a fee for running the event.

Meanwhile, if an event on the outskirts of London is truly being considered, might one suggest… Stevenage.