Other: Autodromo Nazionale Monza Undergoing Renovations

Monza To Undergo Massive Circuit Changes

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza could be undergoing a series of changes within the next few years as it approaches its 100th anniversary, which is taking place in 2022, with the improvements estimated to cost around €100 million. The circuit was built in 1922, and is the world’s third purpose-built racing circuit after those of Indianapolis and Brooklands. The F1 Italian Grand Prix has been hosted at the circuit every year without fail since it was first constructed, with one exception in 1980. It’s considered one of the most important tracks in Formula One history, and many are trying to keep it relevant in a sport that has seen many ups and downs in recent years.

The legendary circuit in Italy is often known as the “Temple of Speed” and has been home to Italian Grand Prix in Formula 1 from the original banking layout to the high speed track that it is today, and has been the subject of numerous betting sites. According to a report from the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, the changes that have been planned will see changes to the surrounding layout of the circuit, and one of the two chicanes will be removed. The plans also revealed that they will re-introduce the second corner of the Lesmos in order to reinforce its reputation as one of the fastest tracks on the planet.

The 100 Year Anniversary

On top of this, additional grandstands are in the works to make the 100-year anniversary as they hope to strike a new deal with F1’s owners Livery Media in order to keep Italian Grand Prix at the Monza for the next few years at least, as their current contract is set to expire by the turn of the decade.

The president of the ACI, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, has said that the circuit is hoping to find the funding which they need to make improvements to both the track facilities, which includes adding ring roads to the outside of the circuit.

“The money will be found in some way”, stated Sticchi Damiani. He continued by saying that the much of the work they can already in next year, which includes recovering the ring in order to expand their offer. He added that the high-speed ring and the road are a 10km track, with very few other circuits can boast the same. He mentioned that they have plans for a temporary structure that can be added before the start of the Grand Prix next year.

Funding Problems

Most Grand Prix venues are funded by government money, which can help the circuits maintain and improve their facilities while still being able to host multiple disciplines of Motorsport. Sticchi Damiani has admitted that seeking funding from the government could present a roadblock to the plans that he has laid down for Monza.

Monza is currently under contract to host the Italian Grand Prix for the 2019 Formula 1 season, one that’s coming after Lewis Hamilton managed to take victory ahead of Ferrari‘s Kimi Raikkonen in the 2018 edition of the Grand Prix.