Mobile phone footage: drunken Kimi gets close to the fans (& nearly gets in the wrong car)

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Drunk Kimi stumbles out of the FIA Gala, & decides to mingle with the fans

“When we had to replace Mark Webber, we were able to choose between Jean-Eric Vergne, Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen,” Horner told ESPN.

“Our biggest concern was not whether Daniel would have the pace, but whether he was actually able to perform in duels. During his time at Toro Rosso, we saw little of it, but since he was with the main team, he did nothing but catch up.”

“Meanwhile, many people think he is the best driver in terms of overtaking in Formula 1,” concluded Horner.

“Month by month, they are definitely closing the gap to Mercedes and Ferrari,” says Christian Horner

“We have done the diverse opposite to McLaren,” Red Bull boss Christian Horner told Sky F1. “We’ve said ‘go and build the best engine you can, and then tell us what size radiators you want and we will make it fit’.

“We want Honda to go for power over packaging.”

“We see an awful lot of encouraging progress being made,” added Horner.

“The harmony between Kimi and I meant that we didn’t waste time with various things,” Vettel told Swiss daily Blick.

“Everyone is different, and we will see how Charles and I will work together. But he is a good guy and Ferrari is a huge chance for him.

“The basic rule is unchanged — you always want to beat the other.”

“It is clear that Charles is at a different stage of his career to me, but we all want Ferrari back on top,” said Vettel.

“We’ll see how things will work out next year, but as far as I know he’s a good guy.

“The years after my last title have not been simple, but it’s good to be back in a position where we can fight for the victories and the championship.”