WMSC reveals changes to 2019 regulations

Meeting in St Petersburg, the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council has agreed a number of changes to the 2019 F1 sporting and technical regulations

The changes to the sporting regulations were agreed in order to:

Ensure that fuel handling procedures are the same during testing as they are during race events

Ensure that the way in which the grid is formed is clear when multiple penalties have been imposed

Keep cars under yellow flag conditions until they reach the control line after the safety car returns to the pits

Allow unrestricted CFD simulations to be carried out for the development of cars in accordance with the 2021 regulations

The amendments to the technical regulations which have been approved:

Adjustments to Article 3 in order to provide more clarity in some areas, primarily related to the front wing

An adjustment to Article 4, with a weight limit increase from 740kg to 743kg