The £6,000, 1:8 scale Lewis Hamilton Mercedes replica – and 10 more F1 gift ideas | 2018 F1 season

The Mercedes Formula 1 team, Memento Exclusives and Amalgam have got together to offer this spectacular model of Lewis Hamilton’s world championship winning car.

But if your budget can’t quite stretch to the asking price, here are 10 other great gift ideas for F1 fans.

Amalgam Collection 1:8 Scale Lewis Hamilton Mercedes W09 from Memento Exclusives

Memento Exclusives Amalgam 1:8 scale Mercedes W09, 2018Memento Exclusives Amalgam 1:8 scale Mercedes W09, 2018Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport has worked with Memento Exclusives to unveil a world-exclusive replica of their double world championship-winning W09. The Brackley-based team licensed the first ever 1:8 scale replica of a Lewis Hamilton-driven Mercedes which is finished in the actual paint used on the car.

Accurately replicated to the finest detail using innovative and exacting techniques, two strictly limited editions of 99 Lewis Hamilton and 99 Valtteri Bottas replicas will be made. Memento Exclusives selected their design partners at Amalgam Collection to create the replicas, which they did in close collaboration with Mercedes.

“We were given the original CAD data for the car from the team as a starting point,” said Amalgam’s brand director Sandy Copeland. “In addition, we have over 500 high-resolution images of the car supplied by Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport to capture every detail of the finishes and livery – in different scenarios too.

“The team supply the original artwork to use for all the sponsorship decals. This was then litho-printed and screen-printed for maximum accuracy. During the entire process, the team have quality checked every element – mitigating any flaws and supporting a technically and aesthetically accurate replica.

“The first completed sample was submitted to the team for examination and feedback – which happily was very little indeed other than some very encouraging superlatives!

“Without access to the full data, and the scale of the model being 1:8, we would not have had the opportunity to deliver a really detailed and authentic model.”

The Mercedes-AMG F1 W09 EQ Power+ helped Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas set official lap records at six circuits during the 2018 season; you can reserve yours at Memento Exclusives:

“The Perfect Car: The Biography of John Barnard

The Perfect Car: John Barnard biographyThe Perfect Car: John Barnard biography

Nick Skeens’ comprehensive and superbly detailed biography was given five out of five when RaceFans reviewed it in August. It reveals much about the life and work of a man who pushed the boundaries of F1 design in his time at McLaren and Ferrari, and created some of the most innovative machines of the eighties and nineties.

F1 2018: The official Formula 1 game

F1 2018 screenshotF1 2018 screenshot

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Codemasters F1 2018 series is that the championship itself is finally taking Esports seriously and running its own championship. But there’s lots of fun to be had playing solo as well with an improved career mode, RPG-esque media elements plus an expanded selection of historic cars and tracks. For our money, the latest instalment of the franchise is the best yet.

Fanatec F1 Steering Wheel sets

If you’re going to take your online racing really seriously you’ll need a suitable wheel. Fanatec’s hardware, used in the F1 Esports competition, is now officially licensed by the championship.

“Autocourse 2018/19”

Autocourse 2018-19Autocourse 2018-19

Even with a wealth of motor sport coverage available on your phone, there’s something deeply satisfying about the heft of and lavish presentation of an Autocourse annual. It’s the indispensable account of the motor racing season. Formula 1 may be the main event, but Autocourse packs in detailed coverage of a wide range of international championships including the top karting series.

F1 TV subscription

Formula 1’s official online streaming service F1 TV was not without its problems when it launched, four races late, at this year’s Spanish Grand Prix. But they’ve made rapid progress since then, improving the reliability and quality of the streams as well as increasing the number of classic races available to watch. It was only available in certain countries this year but is coming to the Netherlands and possibly other markets in 2019.

Formula One DVD boxsets

F1 1980s DVD box setF1 1980s DVD box set

Another item on the list of ‘stuff Bernie Ecclestone inexplicably never got around to doing’ has been ticked off by his replacements. Decades’ worth of F1 season reviews which were previously only available in analogue formats have been converted to digital, meaning you can now bag over 30 years of season reviews on DVD. There’s plenty of material here to keep you happy until the new car launches start, and although the coverage quality is variable there are some real gems to be found in here.

“Driven: The Men who Made Formula 1”

Driven: The Men Who Made Formula OneDriven: The Men Who Made Formula One

How did F1 get where it is, and who got it there? The question is explained via a raft of new interviews and previously untold stories from a journalist who spent 20 years following the championship.

Lego Speed Champions Ferrari Ultimate Garage

There are many great choices for motorsport fans in Lego’s Speed Champions range, including a few at pocket money prices. But this Ferrari set gets the nod as it features a classic 312T4. Alternatively, if you’re the kind of person who bought that £6,000 Mercedes model to push around the carpet, you’ll be wanting the 3,599-part Technic Bugatti Chiron to accompany the real one parked outside your mansion…

“Jim Clark – The Best of the Best”

Jim Clark: "The Best of the Best" coverJim Clark: “The Best of the Best”

It has been an excellent season for new F1 books on the whole (check out our full list of reviews for more) but David Tremayne’s exhaustive work on one of the sport’s greatest champions is something special indeed. Not cheap, but not to be missed either.

1:43 scale Lewis Hamilton Mercedes W09

Like the look of the Mercedes model but can’t quite stretch to £6,000? This 1:43 scale model doesn’t cost as much as an actual car and has the added benefit of not taking up quite so much space on your desk.

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