F1 to show ‘overtake probability’ in new TV graphics | 2019 F1 season

Formula 1 will use new television graphics power by artificial intelligence to show data such as the ‘overtake probability’ during races next season.

Speaking at the Amazon Web Services Re:Invent 2018 conference Brawn revealed three new graphics developed for the 2019 season making use of AWS’s machine learning technology.

One of the three will show an ‘overtaking probability’ when two drivers are fighting for position. “Wheel-to-wheel racing is the essence and critical aspect of the sport,” said Brawn.

“Now with machine learning and using live data [and] historical data, we can make predictions about what’s going to happen. So the graphic shows what we expect is going to happen in this event.

“What’s great about this is that the teams don’t have all this data. We as Formula 1 know the data from both cars and we can make this comparison. That’s never been done before.”

F1 appointed AWS as its ‘official cloud and machine learning provider’ in June. Brawn showed another example of its technology being used to give insight into a driver whose tyres have overheated. He said the technology will allow fans to see data which has previously only been available to teams.

“We can look at the history of the tyres and how they’ve worked and where he is in the race and machine learning can help us apply a proper analysis of the situation,” he explained.

“We can bring that information to the fans and help them understand whether the guy’s in trouble or whether he can manage the situation. These are insights the teams always had. We’re going to bring them out to the fans and show them what’s happened.”

The technology will also be used to give deeper real-time insight into race strategies. “We’re going to take all the data and give the fans an insight into why they stopped and when they stopped. Did the team and driver make the right call? The info box [will] give the fans that insight we can build using machine learning.”

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The same technology will be used to inform future F1 decisions, such as track design, race format and grid layout, Brawn added.

“Further down the road what’s really exciting is we’re going to investigate the influence of the tracks and the racing formats on the quality of the racing.

“Can we create tracks that achieve better racing and better overtaking? Can we build models to allow us to do that? Can we change the format of racing to make it more exciting and less predictable?

“For example, what happens if we change the formation of the starting grid, so instead of being spread out it’s bunched up? We believe that using machine learning, AWS is enabling us to do these things.”

Video: Ross Brawn at Amazon Web Services Re:Invent 2018

Brawn had more to say about F1’s work with AWS and showed examples of how the new 2019 television graphics will look:

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