Other: Racing Maps in Video Games

Video games have come a long way regarding development, and with each new feature comes numerous opportunities to place wagers and make handsome profits.

The e-sports industry has also grown, and with multiple websites offering people a chance to bet on their favorite games, the revenue it generates annually keeps soaring. It helps to know a lot about games before placing bets such that you know your chances of winning. Websites such as topcsgobettingsites.com not only educate you on the best games on which to bet but they also direct you towards sites with the most bonuses and those with a good reputation. It takes knowledge of a game coupled with a fantastic betting site to get the most out of e-sports. Here are some of the most loved games at present and what they entail.

The Need for Speed

Any e-sports lover has heard of the Need for Speed series which continues to dominate the racing world when it comes to video games. The series began in 1994 with the release of The Need for Speed for the Panasonic 3DO. There were other releases of the same in subsequent years, including for the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft DOS.

The thing that attracted gamers most to this game was how realistic the images were. The cars too were quite exciting, and they differed regarding the braking, sounds, performance and the handling. Once a gamer chose a given car, they could easily handle it during the competition, while driving it in cockpit view if they wished. Most of the games at the time did not boast of such features, and this gave this game a boost.

When driving, gamers could choose between four modes. In the head to head competition, a gamer could choose the open road course which also featured traffic cars and police. Here, the player had to compete against another driver while evading the police and the traffic as they tried to get to the finish point in time.

There was the single race where the driver could race against up to seven players in the sprint or circuit tracks. Here, the gamer had the option to customize the number of laps, opponents and other features.

The time trial was such that the driver had to beat a given time record to emerge the winner. The tournament level involved the collection of numerous points in a series of tracks to win.

At Present

Gamers still adore this game though it has quite some challenges which make it difficult for one to win. To begin with, you cannot drive off-road which means that you cannot take shortcuts to get ahead of your opponents. You can also get arrested when using the open road tracks, and if this happens, you get a ticket. Three tickets will land you in jail. You should also know that you can total your cars when playing the 3DO release. You have about three to four vehicles in the game, and if you ruin all of them, the race comes to an end.

The open road races include the coastal, alpine and city courses. The closed circuits are the Lost Vegas, Burnt Sienna, Rusty Springs Raceway, Autumn Valley Speedway, Vertigo Ridge and the Transtropolis.

There have been several other releases in the series, with the latest one being the Need for Speed Payback in 2017.

Forza Motorsport 4

Players who are all about cars love this game. Even those with a slight interest in cars find themselves marveling at the features of this game, whose release date was on 10th June 2018. There are lots of ways in which players can customize their vehicles from varying tire patterns all the way to the many hues which they can use. And performance is at a high owing to the options when it comes to pistons, suspensions and other factors which affect how easy it is to handle the vehicle.

The thing about this game is that it is not all about racing, but it also features lots of adventure, ensuring that you do not get bored when playing as there is always something to discover around the corner. For one, you get to buy a house which you can use to modify your vehicle, and some of the options include the Edinburgh Castle! How cool is that!

Now, here is the exciting part. The game takes place in the north of England and Scotland, and there are narrow country stone-made walls which shatter upon impact, so if you are feeling a little destructive, you can have at it. The historical look and feel of the country are undeniable, and you will enjoy the lush landscape that the game so perfectly captures. The game features seasons which cycle weekly and they affect how well you can handle your car. When the weather gets cold and wet, it becomes much easier to skid off the roads. Driving during Autumn is a breeze, and you will love the attention to detail. The thing about the sheep in the field is that their wool also changes with the seasons and no matter how hard you try, you cannot hit them.

Other than adventure, there are lots of other opportunities to showcase your skills including stunt and speed camera challenges. As you play, there are 72 other real players in the scenes with you, which makes the game all the more exciting.

The thrill of these and other racing games has contributed to the growth of e-sports where people are making millions of dollars from their amazing skills. You too can get a piece of the pie by placing a wager.